Vegetable Minestrone finished with truffle oil and chopped chives
Pea Purée - A fresh purée of peas, leeks, garlic, and chicken stock finished with cream garnished with a chive and Parmesan crisp
Spring asparagus soup, poured over crab, green onion, creme fraiche and microgreens
Summer Tomato - A zesty heirloom tomato soup served with a mini grilled cheese panini
Chilled tomato gazpacho with cilantro, lime, cucumber and peppers garnished with a vegetable confetti
Chilled borscht, topped with sour cream and caraway
Corn and Crab Tortilla Soup - A corn, crab and tomato broth with fresh crabmeat, sweet corn, jalapeno, cilantro and lime garnished with crispy tortilla strips
Bouillabaisse - Fennel infused lobster and fish stock with tomato, brimming with clams, lobster meat, prawns, scallops and white fish garnished with garlic rouille and sourdough bread
Corn and Smoked Chicken Chowder- A smoked chicken and corn stock simmered with potatoes, celery, onion, bacon, thyme, smoked chicken and sweet corn finished with cream served with sourdough bread
Caramelized pear and butternut squash soup garnished with crème fraîche and caraway croutons
Spicy pumpkin and coconut milk bisque garnished with lemongrass and ginger crème fraîche
Hearty sausage and bean soup, simmered overnight