Fish and Seafood Appetizers
Ahi tuna tartare with avocado, daikon sprouts and red onion, tossed with chives, ginger, lime and soy, served on a won ton
Seared sushi grade ahi, crusted with sesame seeds, and served on a crisp rice cracker, topped with seaweed salad or wasabi aioli
Dungeness crab cakes with peppers and celery topped with spicy remoulade
Rock shrimp cakes with shallots and parsley
Seared sea scallops on a crisp potato wafer, drizzled with citrus glaze and topped with chopped scallions
Scallops wrapped in Applewood bacon, and broiled
Hamachi or scallop crudo with yuzu emulsion, finished with grey sea salt
Bay scallops, sautéed and served with green curry sauce in a porcelain spoon
Dungeness crab tossed with diced mango, red onion, tarragon and lemon, and served in tiny butter lettuce cups
Halibut ceviche with lime and peppers served in tasting spoons
Guatemalan shrimp ceviche with jalapeños, mint, cilantro and tomato citrus marinade
Smoked trout with a saffron aioli on a garlic rubbed crostini with watercress
Thai marinated prawns tossed with mint, cilantro, green onion, Thai basil and lemon grass, in soy and crushed peanuts
Firecracker prawns, marinated with basil, orange, chili, hoisin and scallion, and grilled
Harissa Grilled Prawns, with a minted yogurt dipping sauce
Popcorn shrimp – rock shrimp, battered and deep fried, served in miniature galvanized buckets with tartare sauce
Lobster Club – poached lobster with lemon aioli and tarragon, layered on toasted brioche with avocado, micro greens and Applewood smoked bacon
Tiny twice baked potatoes with truffle oil and Tobikko caviar
House cured gravlax, with a dill caper crème fraîche, on a rustic cracker
Smoked salmon on a bagel chip with herbed cream cheese and microgreens
Meat Appetizers
Rare roasted lamb loin, served on garlic and rosemary crostini with arugula leaves and apricot chutney
Miniature lamb chops, grilled rare and served with mint and red onion chutney
Cashew chicken, sautéed with ginger, garlic, scallions, shiitake mushrooms and hoisin, served in tiny butter lettuce cups
Tandoori chicken skewers with cilantro and mint dipping sauce
5-spiced roasted free range chicken, with a crisp vegetable slaw and soy and sesame dressing, served in won ton cup
Crispy curried chicken and vegetable egg rolls served with mango cilantro chutney
Chicken breasts chunks braised in curry, yoghurt and mango chutney, served on a bamboo fork
Tea smoked duck with orange and hoisin, with pea shoots and a julienne of carrots on a crisp won ton
Peking duck with plum sauce on a scallion pancake
Confit of duck with chive crème fraîche served on a potato cake
Kobe beef brochettes with a ginger soy glaze
Fillet of beef, roasted rare, and sliced on garlic rubbed crostini with microgreens and horseradish sauce
Pomegranate glazed pork tenderloin with cherry chutney and lambs lettuce
Ginger pork meatballs with coconut curry sauce
Chorizo and potato empanadas served with lime crema
Fresh asparagus tips wrapped with prosciutto, shaved parmesan and crisp fillo dough
Vegetarian and Vegan Appetizers
Bruschetta: diced tomatoes, garlic, lemon, fresh basil and mozzarella served on grilled bread
Roasted crimini mushrooms stuffed with a tarragon and goat cheese filling
Gorgonzola and diced pear with garlic and walnuts, served on herbed flatbread
Fried panko crusted eggplant rounds, topped with onion jam
Curried vegetable tagine served on a mini poppadom
Vietnamese spring rolls with fresh ginger vinaigrette
Spicy curried pea and potato samosas served with minted cucumber raita
Fava bean paté with garlic and pepper, served on a pita chip, with cilantro pesto
Curried marinated and roasted tofu and cabbage slaw on a crispy won ton with soy glazed almonds
Corn and green chile empanadas served with chipotle aioli or cashew “cream” sauce
Fire roasted babaganoush served on lavosh with green mint sambal
Zucchini and lemon risotto cake topped with a wild mushroom compote, with Madeira and fresh herbs
Summer corn fritters with roasted red pepper and a honey mustard sauce
Displayed Appetizers
Lobster Martini: Creamy yukon gold mashed potatoes topped with lobster meat in a shallot and orange beurre blanc topped with chives.
Crab Martini: dungeness crab meat tossed with mango, tarragon and lemon aioli served on baby mâche leaves and topped with curly wonton strips.
Bamboo baskets of assorted dim sum - potstickers, dumplings, shao mai, hargow and bao, served with a trio of dipping sauces
Sides of thinly sliced smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon, smoked mackerel and trout with capers, lemons, pots of whipped cream cheese and sliced baguettes or bagels
Roasted seasonal vegetable display: such as squashes, beets, fennel, peppers, eggplant, leeks, potatoes, served with watercress aioli
Indonesian skewers of marinated meats with peanut chili dipping sauce in fresh coconuts
Sushi: Seafood and vegetarian sushi – made to order, or displayed on lacquer trays, with wasbi, shoga and soy
Mediterranean display: spicy hummus (sesame tahini, garbanzo beans, garlic and lemons) babaganoush (roasted eggplant with garlic and spices) dolmas, marinated olives and spiced pita bread
Italian antipasto platters - dry salami, hot coppa, Italian prosciutto, sliced cheeses, olives, bread sticks and olive oil
Imported soft cheese display, with dried cranberries, nuts and fruits, served with baguettes, crackers and flatbreads
Fresh seasonal fruit displays
Tiny Tartlets with Fillo Pastry or Shortcrust Pastry and Assorted Fillings
Artichoke hearts with romano cheese topped with oven roasted tomato chutney
Spinach, garlic and jarlsberg, with toasted pine nuts
Portobello mushrooms with gorgonzola cheese and hazelnuts
Egg, bacon and cheese
Carmelized sweet onion and garlic