Our Food

Jane Hammond Events is renowned for the extraordinary food that our chefs create. Our production facilities are situated south of Market, in the heart of the produce and food markets of San Francisco. The Bay Area with its many sustainably run farms and purveyors, provides a fantastic array of seasonal ingredients which is reflected in the variety and diversity of our menus.

Presentation of our food is extremely important to us. We carefully balance color, texture, china, silver, accessories, linens and flowers to make your event look and taste spectacular.

Our food incorporates current trends of lighter and healthier eating. We specialize in preparing fish and seafood, vegetarian and vegan choices, and in the extensive use of fresh herbs, fresh produce and the profusion of local ethnic ingredients, which allow us to design many unusual and interesting menus. The unique needs of each client and the fresh produce available at the time of your event define our final selection.

We try to source our ingredients as locally as possible. For example, we are using chicken and duck eggs from within quacking distance of our headquarters, and honey from bees just a mile away.  We take advantage of Marin County's wonderful array of cheeses and dairy products and enjoy supporting as many local farms as possible.  We choose not to serve veal.