Community + Philanthropy

Jane Hammond Events works with nonprofit organizations, fund raising groups and other needy causes when possible, to provide catering assistance that would be otherwise out of reach. We enjoy contributing our services to the many organizations and causes that make our Bay Area community unique.

We have supported many public and private schools, libraries, KQED, children's sports teams, summer camps for kids, blind babies foundation, Advokids for foster children, Save the Bay, Trust for Public Land, Tibetan refugee group, Public Advocates, research on breast cancer, pediatric cancer, HIV AIDS, Fibrodysplasia OP, refugee groups, Boys and Girls club, among others.

For 30 years JHE has sponsored girls softball teams. Our players start at age 6, and many have progressed to become accomplished athletes, in high school and college. Scholarships are freely given to any girl in need.

The staff at JHE contribute to the sponsorship of children through Children International.  Our current sponsee is  Sabila, aged 17 from India.



We work with Food Runners, Project Open Hand, the Occupy Movement, Glide Memorial and other local organizations that can safely use any excess food, that might otherwise be wasted.